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I never considered myself an athlete growing up, but I started to fall in love with running in my mid-twenties. After running 3 LA marathons and only getting PRs a minute or two each race (my best time being 4:19:50 in 2019) I decided to properly train a full cycle using Coach Omar's plans passed down from a friend. I finally ran my first sub-4 hour marathon with a 3:56:03 time, trimming 23 minutes. I shocked myself with the results and decided to properly train 1-on-1 with Omar. I shared with him my goal to Boston Qualify which, for my age, would be a 3:30:00 time; trimming 26 minutes.

As daunting of a goal that initially felt, Omar believed in me and my drive. He properly gave me a suitable plan towards training for the Eugene Marathon in 2022. I felt pushed, but stronger each week despite running more miles than I ever had in my life. Coach Omar helped me gain confidence in seeing myself as an athlete and I proudly ran a 3:30:01 in Eugene, 2022. Despite being 1 second shy of an official Boston Qualifying time, I would not have been able to achieve my 26 minute PR without Coach Omar!

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