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Stride Running is a nationwide community for runners of all abilities pursuing performance-specific goals. 




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WHat we stand for

OUR MISSION IS to guide runners in pursuit of their dreams by providing professional-level coaching catered to runners of all abilities.


our method consists of building balanced training plans curated for not only personal goals and needs, but also individual schedules and lifestyles.


what we offer

receive individually tailored training plans that offer structure and an advanced approach geared towards your goals. We help running click for you!

Running Coaching

Strength Coaching

Fundamentals Coaching

An advanced approach to training that consists of a structured plan customized to your athletic background and schedule. The focus will be on development of all aspects of your running abilities while emphasizing safe progression towards your goal races.

Strength coaching is an additional service available to runners enrolled in 1-on-1 Coaching. The emphasis of this program is to help you become a stronger, healthier and well-rounded athlete by improving your strength, speed and power.  

Looking to improve your form? This is your chance to build a better foundation going into your next build up. A single-day package that consists of an intense session that focuses on improving and/or developing your running mechanics.

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our team

The three coaches at stride running each boast 20 years of running experience ranging from sprints to middle and long distance running. each coach specializes in a specific component of running to provide the best coaching experience possible.



Fundamentals coach



strength coach



running coach


success stories


I never considered myself an athlete growing up, but I started to fall in love with running in my mid-twenties. After running 3 LA marathons and only getting PRs a minute or two each race (my best time being 4:19:50 in 2019) I decided to properly train a full cycle using Coach Omar's plans passed down from a friend. I finally ran my first sub-4 hour marathon with a 3:56:03 time, trimming 23 minutes. I shocked myself with the results and decided to properly train 1-on-1 with Omar. I shared with him my goal to Boston Qualify which, for my age, would be a 3:30:00 time; trimming 26 minutes.

As daunting of a goal that initially felt, Omar believed in me and my drive. He properly gave me a suitable plan towards training for the Eugene Marathon in 2022. I felt pushed, but stronger each week despite running more miles than I ever had in my life. Coach Omar helped me gain confidence in seeing myself as an athlete and I proudly ran a 3:30:01 in Eugene, 2022. Despite being 1 second shy of an official Boston Qualifying time, I would not have been able to achieve my 26 minute PR without Coach Omar!

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